One Touch Take-off, One Touch Return-home

With the push of a button, the aircraft takes off automatically and hovers at the designated altitude. It returns to home point with the push of a button and lands automatically.

The Most Intuitive Consumer Drone

With PowerEgg Maestro, industry’s first gesture recognition remote control, takeoff and landing can be done with the push of a button so that anyone can fly PowerEgg right out of the box.

Pause Function

At any time, push pause button and PowerEgg will pause and maintain its current position. The pause button freezes aircraft mid-air like an emergency brake for improved safety.

Safe User Distance

During flight, PowerEgg will maintain a minimum safe distance from the remote controller, providing additional protection to the user. (Safety radius)

Smart Maximum Distance Mode

A maximum distance from the remote controller can be pre-set for each flight, forming a safe flight zone to reduce risk due to any user control error.

Extremely long distance for video steaming

“Maximum at 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles”

Extremely Long Flight Time

Efficient power system & high capacity battery

Maximum flight time: Approx. 23 minutes

Smart battery capacity: 6400 mAh

Duo Positioning System

With GPS / GLONASS for outdoor positioning and optical

positioning for indoor environment, the duo system

meets the demand for shooting under various conditions.

Режим „Орбитален полет“

Режим „Cable Cam“

Режим „Следвай ме“

Smart Flight Control at Your Fingertips

With the various flight control functions and tutorials, the PowerEgg app on your mobile phone makes it super easy to fly. PowerEgg lets you capture the special moments everywhere you go and share them on social media. PowerEgg products are backed by online technical support and customer services.