Be In Control

With new innovations in flight control, PowerVision lets anyone of any skill capture stunning aerial video and photography. Couple that with our powerful Vision+ flight software and you will be able to record and share your content instantly on social media. This powerful aerial camera system also comes with online tech support and speedy after-sales service.

Record & Album

Record your content in stunning 4K UHD. Real-time image transmission during the flight to your iOS or Android Device. Content is saved on the included Micro SD card and your handheld device. Enjoy your amazing album in Vision+.

Project Waypoint

Use the Vision+ iOS or Android app to place multiple waypoints on the map laying out your flight path before you even take off. Focus on capturing content and let the drone fly for you.

Orbit Mode

Set your center point and radius, and fly perfect circles around an object, creating stunning aerial visuals.

Follow Me

Follow Me keeps the camera on you while the drone keeps it relative height and distance from the subject. You move, it moves.

Fly Academy and Peripherals

To become a drone pro, we provide well designed online video tutorials. Subscribing topic to get the latest peripheral information